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krishnagiri - Barur Centre for Substainable Aquaculture

Tilapia Research Centre

Tilapia Research Centre is located in Barur, Krishnagiri district with the exclusive mandate of developing tilapia breeding techniques, tilapia seed production, tilapia all male seed production and development of low cost growout technology. The technical knowledge on tilapia farming is transferred to the farmers through periodical conduct training and awareness programme. The centre provides training/demonstration and awareness programme to the farmers of Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri, Salem, Vellore, Thiruvannamalai and other  adjoining districts.


  • To undertake genetic upgradation of tilapia to evolve a hybrid or strain of improved quality.
  • To study the genetic diversity of different populations of tilapia in Tamil Nadu.
  • Production and supply of genetically improved and all male tilapia fingerlings to the farmers.
  • Technical assistance to the farmers for setting up tilapia farming units
  • To study the economic improvement of farmers adopting genetically improved tilapia culture.

Research Projects:

ongoing research projects:

Sl.No Title of the Project Year PI & CO-PI of the Project Fund (in lakh) Funding Agency
1 Establishment of Regional Fisheries Research and Extension Centre in Barur, Krishnagiri District. 2014-2015 Dr. P. Chidambaram 121.04 NADP – National Agricultural Development Programme.

Completed research project:Nill

Current Focus

  • Development of Tilapia seed production technology.
  • Development of hybrid tilapia or strain of higher quality.


Sl.No Name Designation E-mail Id Mobile
1 Dr. P. Chidambaram Associate Professor and Head pcphd73@gmail.com +91 99522 36193

Contact Details:

Tilapia Research Centre,

Pungampatti Village,
Pochampalli Tk,
Krishnagiri district – 635 201,
Tamil Nadu.