"Harnessing the Science of Fisheries for Food, Nutrition and Livelihood"

Ramanathapuram Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture

Ramanathapuram Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture (RCeSA) was established as a new production centre for marine finfish seeds under Tamil Nadu Fisheries University on 09.12.2014. This centre is spread over a seafront area of 25 acres in the coastal village of Seeniappa Dargha, Sathakonvalasai Panchayat of Ramanathapuram District.

This Center has one multispecies marine finfish hatchery built over an area of 11,583 square feet. It is a modular type of hatchery with provision for holding finfish brood stock, spawning, larval, nursery and live feed rearing.

This hatchery supports four numbers of round RCC tanks of 45 tonnes capacity each for rearing commercially important marine fin fishes like Rachycentron canadum (Cobia), Lates calcarifer (Asian sea bass) and Trachinotus blochii (Pompano). Apart from these brood stock tanks, the hatchery has clear spaces earmarked for undertaking hatching, larval and nursery rearing of the marine finfish eggs and larvae respectively. Facility for indoor rearing of live feed like microalgae, rotifers and copepods are also earmarked inside the hatchery. The Centre also has a laboratory for water quality and bacteriological studies. Two numbers of HDPE lined pond of 50 m2 is also present in the centre to undertake outdoor finfish rearing.

Objectives of the Centre

  • To develop and to standardize breeding and seed production technique for commercially important marine food fish and ornamental fin fishes.
  • To conduct research on culture of commercially important marine food fish and ornamental fin fishes.
  • To popularize the culture and conservation of marine foodfish and ornamental finfish among the stakeholders of Tamil Nadu.
  • To undertake the maintenance, scale-up and research on microalgae and zooplankton as live feeds.

Faculty and Technical Personnel in the Centre

S.No Name Designation Email
1 Dr. C. Anand Assistant Professor and Head i/c canand@tnfu.ac.in
2 Mr.P.Ramesh Teaching Assistant pramesh0301@gmail.com
3 Dr. S.Gokulakrishnan  Hatchery Technician gokul5564@gmail.com

Projects operated

Sl. No Name of the Project Principal Investigator Funding Agency Year Financial outlay(Rs.)
1 Establishment of Marine Finfish Hatchery system at Mandapam Dr. P. Jawahar, Professor and Head, CMFC National Agricultural Development Programme 2014-15 184.5 lakhs
2 Strengthening of Regional Stations of CeSA Dr. J. Stephen Sampath Kumar, Director, DCeSA National Agricultural Development Programme 2015-16 60.1 lakhs
3 Demonstration and Training for Farmers’ Capacity Building at Regional Outstations of CeSA in TNFU Dr. J. Stephen Sampath Kumar, Director, DCeSA National Agricultural Development Programme 2016-17 50.267 lakhs

Training Programmes

The centre imparts training on marine ornamental finfish breeding and seed production with a focus on breeding of the clownfish. The trainees are exposed to the availability of marine ornamental finfishes in this region, collection, transportation, rearing, sourcing of accessories for finfish rearing, breeding and seed production. The centre so far conducted 10 training programme right from its inception. As a part of its educational programme the centre is also involved in imparting hands-on training to the fisheries graduates on scaling-up of livefeed, raising Artemia biomass, breeding and seed production of Clownfish. The centre also works in close connection with the Department of Fisheries by providing technical information on farming of finfish. The details of the training programme conducted by this centre are as follows

Sl. No Name of the Training Programme Location and Date Funding Agency No. of Participants
1 Marine ornamental Fish Culture Mariamman Nagar, Ervadi Dt.30.03.2016 National Agricultural Development Programme 34
2 Marine Ornamental Fish Culture Devipattinam North. Dt.21.04.2016 National Agricultural Development Programme 18
3 Marine Ornamental Fish Culture Pudumadam Dt. 31.05.2016 National Agricultural Development Programme 27
4 Marine Ornamental Fish Culture Ramakrishnapuram, Dt. 9.06.2016 National Agricultural Development Programme 32
5 Marine Ornamental Fish Culture Periyasamypuram,   Dt. 22.10.2016 National Agricultural Development Programme 27
6 Cluster Formation on Marine Ornamental Fish Culture RceSA Campus,
National Agricultural Development Programme 34

Contact Address

Assistant Professor and Head i/C,
Ramanathapuram Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture,
Seeniappa Dargha, Sundaramudaiyan (PO),
Mandapam Camp (Via),
Ramanathapuram Dt.- 623 519.