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Vice-Chancellor Inaugurated the Fish Harvest Day Event at Poondi Lake on 04.04.2019

The fish harvest day event was inaugurated by our Respected Vice Chancellor Dr. S. Felix on 04.04.2019 at Poondi. GIFT Tilapia fish culture was carried out for a period of 9 months in GI floating cage unit at Poondi reservoir, Tiruvallur district under Directorate of Incubation and Vocational Training in Aquaculture (DIVA). The GIFT Tilapia were fed with GROWPIA feed developed DIVA. The average of the harvested Tilapia weight recorded was 1.0 kg and the maximum weight of fish recorded was 1.7 kg. The estimated fish production in cage culture is 11 kg/ m3.

The Vice-Chancellor had discussion with local retail fish vendors on Tilapia fish marketing in local areas and they stated that there was a huge demand faor GIFT Tilapia in local market. The Vice-Chancellor inaugurated the fish sales and GIFT Tilapia of more than 1 kg size were given to both women and men vendors.

In order to capitalize on the Ornamental fish marketing opportunities in Chennai, cage culture of Gold fish has been initiated and to mark this occasion, Gold fish were stocked in nursery cages by Vice Chancellor on that day. This program was organized by Dr. N. Felix, Director i/c of DIVA.