"Harnessing the Science of Fisheries for Food, Nutrition and Livelihood"

Nursery Raceway Facility

Heterotrophic based nursery raceways of fifty tonnes capacity are used for the nursery rearing of shrimps and tilapia fishes.

Advantages are:

  • High stocking density with maximum yield.
  • High biosecured facility.
  • Intensive systems with high tech aeration.
  • Easily manageable system.
  • Indigenously designed drainage.

Azolla Culture Unit

Azolla is more environmentally friendly as it bind nitrogen directly from air. The azolla cultured here are used as feed for tilapia.

Lab Facilities

  • Water & Soil quality testing lab
  • Aquatic Microbiology lab
  • Molecular PCR lab
  • Histopathology lab

Wet Laboratory

Pilot scale research works in testing the industrial product as well as to conduct the challenge study FRP tanks, plastic crates and aquarium glass tanks of 40 Nos. are connected to the RAS systems.

HDPE Lined Pond Facility

Intensive nursery and grow out ponds of 18 Nos. have been developed to undertake research along with the industrial stakeholders.

  • Central drainage accessed drainage facility.
  • Installed with different modules of surface aerators with bottom aeration.
  • Protected with bird & dog fencing structures.

Live Feed Culture Unit

To cater to the requirement of ornamental fish culture, live feed units such as Daphnia, Monia and copepods are being cultured in 24 FRP tanks of different capacity.

Aquaponics Research Complex

  • Lucrative widespread area of 500m2 for the integrated culture of fishes and plants.
  • Primary crops of cabbage, tomato and gourd varieties are being produced.
  • Secondary crops of green leaves and medicinal plants are also cultivated.

Multispecies Ornamental Fish Hatchery

Breeding and rearing of ornamental fishes in the FRP tanks and aquariums has been standardized.