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Brackishwater Research Farm Facility is an on campus facility of Institute of Fisheries Post Graduate Studies, (IFPGS) Vaniyamchavadi, and Chennai under the Tamil Nadu Dr. J. Jayalalitha Fisheries University, Nagapatinam. It’s covering the area of 1 acre. Many PG scholars are doing their research work in this farm. Brackishwater Research Farm Facility has many advanced infra structure facilities such as Raceway and lined pond. Objective of this farm is, to promote the Culture and breeding activities of brackishwater fish and shrimp species of semi intensive farming as well as analysis of water.

sediment quality and microbiology parameters from the Fish farmer’s sample. We are developed the technology of Aerobic Microbial Floc (AMF) in intensive nursery and Growout culture of Peneaus vannamei and under this technology achieved 95% of the survival and totally we are harvested the 549 kgs of healthy shrimp. In this Shrimp Harvest Mela is inaugurated by the Honorable Fisheries Minister J. Jayakumar.

Technology Developed

Aerobic Microbial Floc (AMF) in intensive nursery and Growout culture of Peneaus vannamei

Culture practices of Brackishwater fish species

Milkfish Culture
Pearl Spot Culture
Mullet Culture

Research Project

Institutional Research Project (IRP)

Plankton diversity of pre and post monsoon season in Buckingham canal

Related training conducted

  • National Conference: Smart Shrimp Farming
  • Importance and scope of Brackishwater fish and shrimp species

PG Research

Studies on the assessment of bioavailability of crude protein and lipid from Insitu and Exsitu Aerobic Microbial Floc in intensive nursery culture of Peneaus vannamei (Boone , 1931)


Lined pond a

Lined pond b

Castnet operated in lined pond

Shrimp harvest Mela , OMR Campus

BRFF Centre

Raceway a

Raceway b

Biofloc Shrimp

Outer look of lab and pond

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