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‘Seafood Knowledge Highway’ one unit at FC & RI Staff Quarters, Fisheries College and Research Institute, Thoothukudi is enabling the entrepreneur to take up the venture successfully which shall later promote them to have their own self employment. This facility is being used to popularize different types of fish and fishery products among children and other people and to increase the consumption fish food. SKH has been established under NADP funding support on 31.03.2014.


  • To build knowledge house on seafood as health food and develop cost effective strategies for the dissemination of information.
  • To combat malnutrition by supplying low priced fish in high quality at an affordable cost.
  • To reduce health problems related to various organs of human body , particularly targeting obesity by educating people to eat more of seafood in best possible ways.
  • To alleviate poverty, particularly in rural fishing community by helping them get better price for the produce by increasing seafood consumption.
  • To reach the poor and other unreached people in rural areas through mobile phones and village knowledge centers on the aspects of this consumption.
  • To determine the nutritional status including proximate composition, amino acid composition and fatty acid composition of teleosts, elasmobranches, crustaceans, mollusks landed in Thoothukudi region.


Ready to Eat products like Fish pickle, Prawn pickle, Fish Kure, Prawn Kure, Fish curry fish meal, Prawn meal, Fried fish, Fish soup and Ready to Cook products like spiced dry fish and dried fish are being produced and sold commercially. Fish-based meal and snack foods are available during afternoon and evening, respectively in the SFTP.



The establishment of “Seafood Knowledge Highway” will strengthen the concept of creating fish processing parks at regional levels. This facility will help to promote fish processing activities at Thoothukudi by small scale entrepreneur to later to the domestic needs.


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1 Dr. P. Velayutham Professor and Head velayutham@tnfu.ac.in
2 Mr. P. Ganesan Assistant Professor ganesan@tnfu.ac.in
3 Mr. F. Parthiban Assistant Professor parthiban@tnfu.ac.in
4 Mr. V. Vijayarahavan Assistant Professor vijibfsc@gmail.com