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Vice Chancellor

Dr. S. Felix, Ph.D.,

Vice - Chancellor

Tamil Nadu Dr.J.Jayalalitha Fisheries University


The growth of the university so far which is achieved is mainly with the help of great minds and my words wouldn’t be enough to express my gratitude to the present Chancellor of the university His Excellency Hon’ble Shri. Banwarilal Purohit for his consistent advocacy and support. I am highly indebted to thank our Honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Thiru. Edappadi K. Palaniswamy for raising this University to enrich the fisheries education in the state. I would also like to thank the Pro- Chancellor of the University Thiru. D. Jayakumar, Minister of Fisheries for his consistent guidance and support to achieve excellence in research, education and extension. Also, I pave my sincere gratitude to Chief Minister Secretary Dr. Vijayakumar for his swift role to make things happen in TNJFU and I also thank the past secretary of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries Shri. Gagandeep Singh Bedi for supporting me to carry out many works and for his immense help in infrastructure development. I also thank the present secretary Dr. K. Gopal and other IAS officials for rending their full-fledged support to TNJFU for developmental pathway.

This was a year of milestones as we progress towards the objectives of Vision 2020. It was a year of challenge and change, but pleased to see the university growth and its achievements. In April this year I completed my first full cycle of annual activities at TNJFU. I have enjoyed immersing myself in the University and I thank you all for the sustained warmth of welcome that you have afforded to me during our work together. As much as we have accomplished, I remain convinced that our potential is far greater.

Our success as a University depends on developing a culture and environment that attracts new students and staff and supports their talent, creativity and commitment. Underpinning this culture are our core values of Respect, Integrity, Excellence, Ambition and Connected which were developed during the year following extensive consultation with staff and students. This year saw a significant growth in the number of international students coming to study at TNJFU. They are joining a university which is providing a world class educational experience for students from all backgrounds, inspiring them to reach their full potential. They are also joining an institution that is ranked in the top 1st of National Fisheries Universities and is committed to the needs of society, locally and across the world. In research innovation, our impact was recognised this year with many laurels won at the International and National conferences, for our work on improving the livelihoods of fishers and farmers in Fisheries and Aquaculture sector.

The research impact is set to continue with the formation of our Global Research Institutes and Pioneer Research Programmes which bring leading academics together to tackle some of the greatest global challenges of our time. Many new degree programs and institutes were proposed by the Board of Management and these, research programmes throughout the University, will be driving forward an increased focus on interdisciplinary and collaboration with global industry and institutions. During the year, we continued to enhance our global partnerships with Arizona University, USA and with various international and national universities and industries (over 25). In 2017, we made significant new appointments that will play an important part in our journey to extend the impact which TNJFU makes locally, nationally and globally.

In anticipation of my arrival and in the opening months of my tenure as Vice-Chancellor, I determined that we should take advantage of the opportunities afforded by University officers from the Executive Group to refresh and reorganize the leadership of the University. The University Officers became active of the Executive Group early during my time. I am most appreciative of the wisdom and experience that they bring from the front line of the academy and for their full participation. Each brings unique strengths and a fresh perspective into our midst to complement the existing range of aptitude and experience in the leadership team. My intention is to lead you all in new directions to consider our future in research. This will entail considered but concerted responses to altered external landscapes, changes in government policy and the need to strengthen our position. It will also require us to significantly increase and diversify our external income to support research. There is much to be done with sustainable engagement with our corporate and industry partners in research and teaching.

We cannot achieve our potential without significantly increasing our engagement with key stakeholders outside the academic boundaries of the University. These are critical areas for our future that need renewed focus, strategic guidance and higher investment. We are taking a much more proactive and comprehensive approach to these matters than ever before. Over time, the investments we make now to engage with the outside world will afford large returns to the University. In addition to oversight of key operational areas, our university is keenly interested in gathering momentum to support the many planning initiatives that will be needed to improve our systems and efficiency. Through a collaborative process including strong Faculty representation, one of these initiatives – the new system of procurement and counselling- is already underway. With strong leadership across the Executive now in place, I anticipate being able to continue not only my internal engagement across the University community but also to work increasingly with the University’s external constituents. The campuses and constituent units of TNJFU University (40 Nos together!) are both a huge asset and perhaps our most valuable distinguishing feature. In preparing for a longer-term view of our work, other changes are also falling into place. In preparing the 2018 budget, several important process changes have been made and are intended to a) provide a longer horizon to our financial view, b) more closely link activity/initiative planning with resource allocation, and c) enhance engagement of key stakeholders through input around prioritisation of resource deployment: capital spending (buildings, campus works and IT) for 2018 has been planned from the funds allotted by the various National agencies and I must thank NABARB,NFDB and NADP for funding us to develop our campus amenities. Initial steps were taken to strengthen the linkage between planning activities and resource allocation. I am pleased to report that the University’s 3P’s Cell on Project, Patents and Publications has been upgraded as 4P’s Project, Patents, Publications and Products. TNJFU has started reaping its harvest through this initiative!

Looking to the year ahead, our academic programs for students remain very strong but there is always a cycle of renewal and reinvigoration. An important matter of University governance and internal legislation has been published for the first time as Acts Statutes Rules and Regulations (ASRR) since then the inception. On several fronts, the government of Tamil Nadu engage us for the development of the sector and we will be well positioned to play a signature role for us in how we engage with the New Developmental Plan. In closing, my thanks to all of the University Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff, Scholars and Students for your energetic contributions and engagement with our work during 2017-18. This has been a significant year for our University and I am most grateful for your support and encouragement and your willingness to challenge ideas and received wisdom as we have progressed. The New year awaits us and brings a sense of anticipation as we journey onwards to realise the full potential of what we might achieve.

All good wishes for shining and prospective growth in TNJFU. S. Felix Vice-Chancellor

Prof. S.Felix
Vice Chancellor