"Harnessing the Science of Fisheries for Food, Nutrition and Livelihood"


About College

The College of Fisheries Nautical Technology has been established at Fishing Harbour Campus, Thoothukudi by Tamil Nadu Dr. J. Jayalalitha Fisheries University to impart training to produce skilled manpower required for mechanized fishing vessels and deep-sea fishing vessels. It is aiming at giving B. Tech. degree in Fisheries Nautical Technology. It is a full-time course (eight semesters) and first of its kind in the country, from the academic year (2019-20) through self-finance mode. The college is located right inside the fishing harbour and enable the cadets to visit the fishing vessels as and when required.

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  • To impart B. Tech degree programme in fisheries and nautical technology
  • To impart skilled training to the manpower who intern will be employed in mechanized fishing vessels
  • To impart skilled training to the manpower who will be employed in the deep-sea fishing vessels
  • To offer programme to meet the growing demand in deep sea fishing sector

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  • Nautical Laboratory with nautical equipment
  • Seamanship workshop with seamanship equipment, Life-saving and firefighting equipment for demonstration
  • Marine Engineering workshop with machineries tools
  • Marine Electrical and Electronic workshop
  • Fishing technology workshop with fishing vessel models with fishing nets
  • Fishing vessels inside the fishing harbor can be accessed anytime for training and practical purpose
  • Fishing landing centers at Thoothukudi, Thirespuram and nearby fishing villages are accessible at any day
  • Library and Computer library, nautical, machinery and fishing technology workshop can be accessed at FC&RI, Thoothukudi
  • Boat with outboard engine available for training at sea

Training methods

  • Parade Training for cadets daily to bring out the discipline
  • Cadets to be in nautical uniform to bring the uniformity among the cadets
  • Practical works with proper safety gears to teach the safe working culture
  • Simulator based training for navigation and team work on the bridge
  • Manned model training of the cadets on boat maneuvering
  • Regular ship visits at Thoothukudi port
  • Regular Fishing vessel visit at Fishing Harbour, Thoothukudi
  • Regular Fish landing center visit at Thoothukudi
  • Maritime work-culture based training to prepare the cadets for the sea jobs