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Directorate of Sustainable Aquaculture

Directorate of Sustainable Aquaculture (DSA)

Tamil Nadu Fisheries University, when came into being in 2012, conducted series of Stakeholders’ Meetings and Expert Consultation Meeting to chart out the distinctive areas for research, extension and streamlining the academic programmes in the University. Based on the deliberations on enhancing aquaculture production in the State, a separate Directorate was felt essential and therefore, Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture was created. This Directorate was born on 01.01.2016 with the appointment of Director for the Centre. Later based on the significance of the Directorate for the effective role in the development of Sustainable Aquaculture in the State through research and extension programmes in different Centres under its fold, it has been renamed as “Directorate of Sustainable Aquaculture”.

Prof. J. Stephen Sampath Kumar, MFSc., PhD.,
Directorate of Sustainable Aquaculture

Mandates of the Directorate:

The Directorate of Sustainable Aquaculture was having its head quarters at TNFU, Nagapattinam till April 2017 and later it was shifted to Thanjavur for effective coordination of the activities in all the Centres for Sustainable Aquaculture under its control. Presently the Directorate of Sustainable Aquaculture is situated in Pattukkottai Road, Soorakkotai in Thanjavur. The Directorate has the following mandates:

To develop and run the production centres at outstations of the University for the benefit of conducting research and experiential learning of the students.
To propose and establish new stations with focus on economically important species for the development of culture technology for adoption.
To establish and run the farms in the strategic locations and forming platforms for the
students and staff research.
To transfer the viable technologies through demonstration and training to the

Scope of the Directorate:

This Directorate has 7 (Seven) Stations under its fold with mandates specific to the Centres.

Thanjavur Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture (TCeSA), Soorakkotai, Thanjavur

To focus on Inland Aquaculture and Innovative Aquaculture Practices. Demonstration and transfer of technology along with services to the farming community.

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Mandapam Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture (MCeSA), Seeniappa Dargha, Mandapam

To focus on Marine Fin Fish Culture and Breeding

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Kanyakumari Ganapathipuram Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture (KKGCeSA), Ayiramkal Pozhimugam, Kanyakumari Dt

To focus on Marine Crustacean Seed Production, Research and Development of Indigenous Shrimps for Future Shrimp farming and SPF broodstock development.

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Krishnagiri Barur Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture (KBCeSA), Barur Krishnagiri Dt

To focus on Tilapia Farming and Propagation of Pure Line Seeds.

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Erode Bhavanisagar Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture (EBCeSA), Bhavanisagar

To focus on Commercially Important Freshwater Fishes and their Farm Production in addition to Seed Production of Endemic Fishes. Research on the Native Species for their Seedproduction, Population Enhancement and Adoption of Technology.

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Kanyakumari Prakkai Cenbtre for Sustainable Aquaculture (KKPCeSA), Parakkai, Kanyakumari Dt

To focus on the High Value Inland Fishes such as Loaches and Production of Endemic Ornamental Fish Varieties.

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Trichy Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture (Trichy CeSA), Jeeyepuram,Trichy

To Work on the Development of Technologies to Enhance Farm Pond Aquaculture Production and Operating the Brood bank for Freshwater Ornamental Fishes (NABARD Funded Scheme).

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The above Stations have been provided with technical manpower at the level of Associate Professor and Assistant Professor. Through different Schemes, these Centres have been strengthened with production and research facilities along with students; learning faculties. Presently trainings and awareness programmes have been conducted in the Centres in addition to the students’ experiential learning and research. This Directorate is the Nodal Agency for the TN Irrigated Agriculture Modernization Programme and participating in the programme with specific projects from 2017 to 2023.

Schemes under operation in the Centres

  • Strengthening of regional stations of CeSA, TNFU
    (NADP funded Scheme)at HQ and the scheme is
    implemented in all stations - Budget ₹ 274.545 lakhs
  • Demonstration and Training for Farmers Capacity Building
    at Regional Outstations of CeSA in TNFU
    (NADP funded scheme 2017-18) – Budget ₹ 100.534 lakhs
  • TN IAMP Projects (6 components) – 2017 – 2023 (World Bank Funded)
    – Budget ₹ 250 lakhs
  • Open sea cage farming for production of marine fin fishes along the coast
    of Ramnathapuram dt. (NFDB Funded Project) – Budget - ₹ 267.6 lakhs
  • Aqua One Centre at Mandapam CeSA. (NFDB Funded Project)
    – Budget - ₹ 10.0 lakhs
  • Establishment of freshwater ornamental fish brood bank in Trichy (NABARD Funded) –Budget - ₹ 350.0 lakhs
  • Backyard Tilapia culture in the backward taluks of Krishnagiri Dt – TN Govt Funded – Budget - ₹ 18.0 lakhs
  • Aqua One Centre at KK Parakkai CeSA. (NFDB Funded Project) – Budget - ₹ 20.0 lakhs
  • Aqua One Centre at Erode Bhavanisagar CeSA. (NFDB Funded Project) – Budget - ₹ 20.0 lakhs
  • Aqua One Centre at Thanjavur CeSA. (NFDB Funded Project) – Budget - ₹ 20.0 lakhs

Plans for future:

In addition to the existing stations, it has been proposed to establish separate units for shrimp farming, fish farming, seaweed farming, innovative aquaculture Centres, live-food production and larval feed production Centres and native species breeding and protection of biodiversity in the State. The facilities existing and to be created are focused towards the students’ research and learning. The production facilities are open for the entrepreneurs and progressive farmers to have a tie up with the Directorate under Private - Public Partnership mode for mutual development.

For further details, contact:

Prof. J. Stephen Sampath Kumar, MFSc., PhD.,

Directorate of Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture Pattukottai Road,
Soorakkottai, Thanjavur – 614 904.

0091-9443115068   |   9047015068

Glimpses of facilities in Centres

Maturation Studies with Different Feeds at KKGCeSA
Knowledge Partnership with BHEL Trichy
Indigenous Shrimp at KKGCeSA
Reservoir at KCeSA, Barur
Farm at KCeSA, Barur
Marine Fin Fish Hatchery at RCeSA
Clown Fish Brooder Maintenance
at RCeSA
Water Quality Lab and Training Hall
in ECeSA
Farm at ECeSA, Bhavanisagar
Laboratory at KKGCeSA
Quarantine Buildings at KKGCeSA
Inducement Through Intramuscular
Injection of Hormones at ECeSA
Fish Rearing Facilities at KKPCeSA
KKPCeSA at Parakkai, KK Dt
Clown Fish Brooder Maintenance
at RCeSA
Shrimp in the Conditioning Tank
Row of Conditioning Tanks