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Erode Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture (ECeSA), Bhavanisagar

Erode Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture (ECeSA), Bhavanisagar

Erode Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture, a constituent unit of the Tamil Nadu Fisheries University, located in Bhavanisagar, Erode district, was established with a focus to enhance the seed production of commercially important freshwater fishes especially Jayanthi rohu. This Centre was established under the National Agriculture Development Programme, with prime objective of promoting the culture of fast growing carp, JayanthiRohu among farmers of the district. The Centre was formally inaugurated by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on 8th November 2017. The Centre has an area of 2.02 acres, with 3 Nursery ponds (each app 3500 ft2), 3 brood stock ponds (each 5000ft2), 2 nursery tanks (each 120 ft2).

1) Chinese hatchery unit (consisting of 1 spawning tank and 2 hatching tanks) and one office building with a floor space of 3000 ft.

2) The office building houses a water quality lab, one training hall, a library and an office. The Centre works in association with the State Fisheries Department in providing technical guidance and support to the farmers for availing funds and subsidy from the Government. Further, this Centre will take up programmes as directed by the Directorate, which is the Nodal Agency for the TN Irrigated Agriculture Modernization Programme and also participant in the programme with specific projects from 2017 to 2023.

Objectives of the Centre

The Erode Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture has the following objectives:

  • To establish brood stock population of Jayanti rohu and other commercially important freshwater fishes
  • To establish hatchery for breeding of Jayanti rohu and other carps
  • To Produce and disseminate Jayanti rohu and other carp seeds to the farmers
  • To provide training, demonstration and technical guidance to the farmers
  • To promote establishment of ornamental fish units in the region

Carp Seed Production

One of the major objectives of establishing the Centre is to provide good quality seeds of freshwater fishes to inland fish farmers. The Centre has brooder ponds for the maintenance of the broader population of all commercially important freshwater fishes including Jayanthi Rohu. The presence of good quality brood fish ensures production and supply of good quality seeds to the farmers. The seeds are sold as spawn, fry and fingerlings, as per the requirements of the farmers.

Training, demonstration and technical guidance to the farmers and fisherfolk

The Centre provides skilled training on need basis to inland fish farmers. Further, farmers are also provided with technical advisory services in person as well as over the phone. The farmers are free to visit the Centre any time and clarify their doubts regarding carp farming. A water quality lab is also established to assist the farmers for proper water quality management in their farms. The Centre also provides training on value addition in inland fishes to improve the socioeconomic status of the fisherfolk who rely mainly on fishing the inland water bodies. Routine trainings on various aspects of inland fisheries is being conducted as per the requirements of the farmers and fisher folk of the district.

Ornamental fish farming

A model backyard ornamental fish unit has been developed in the Centre. In order to encourage and establish small household ornamental fish unit and develop the commercial hatcheries for the hill region fishes trainings have been given for the ornamental fish farmers.

Fish waste management

Bhavanisagar dam is known for its fresh fish sales and attracts lots of tourists who are interested to taste freshly caught fish. Several licensed fishermen catch fish in the reservoir and sell it as fresh fish locally as well as to the regional market. The fish offal from the fish sales counters in the form of fish gut, head, fins and scales are made into a compost in the model fish composting pits developed in the Centre for the benefit of the local fishermen who can produce compost from the generated fish waste and the same can be utilized as farm manure offering an ecofriendly disposal method for fish waste.

Projects operated

  • Establishment of Multiplier Station for the Breeding and Dissemination of Jayanti Rohu seeds to Farmers. Funded by NADP. Budget: 110 Lakhs.
  • Demonstration and training for the farmers’ capacity building at regional outstations of CeSA in TNFU – NADp Scheme 2017-18 – Rs. 100.534 lakhs

Training programmes offered till date

S. No. Name of the Training Place Period No.of Participants
From To Male Female

Carp Seed Production and Hatchery Management

ECeSA 13.06.2017 15.06.2017 7 -

Innovative Techniques in fish farming

ECeSA 21.07.2017   29 5

Innovative Techniques in fish farming (ornamental fish farming)

ECeSA 10.08.2017   15 -

Value addition in Inland fishes

ECeSA 29.08.2017   15 17

Advanced techniques for successful carp farming

ECeSA 13.09.2017   15 -
        Total 81 22


  • Providing technical training to inland fish farmers on need basis
  • Offer advisory services for the establishment of carp farms, their management and marketing
  • Provide technical support to farmers through water quality analysis
  • Providing appropriate details regarding availability of farm inputs like seed, feed and health management to the farmers
  • Provide technical assistance for the establishment of ornamental fish farms

For further details, contact:

Assistant Professor and Head i/C

Erode Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture
Bhavanisagar, Erode – 638 451,

04295 - 240195

How to reach?

Bhavanisagar is 15Km from Sathyamangalam in Erode District

By rail: The nearest rail head is Coimbatore – 67 Km Erode junction is 77 Km from Bhavanisagar

By Air: The nearest airport is Coimbatore – 70 Km

By Bus: Bhavanisagar can be reached by bus from Erode, via Sathyamangalam. Frequent buses are also available from Coimbatore.