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Dr. M.G.R FC & RI, Ponneri Organised Awareness Camp on Fish Farmers day(10.07.2019)

The National Fish Farmers day is organized every year to mark the technological development of induced breeding of Indian major carps by Dr.Hiralal Chaudhery and Dr.K.H.Alikunhi in the 1950’s, which has led to organized fish farming in the country. In zealous commemoration of the day, Dr. M.G.R Fisheries College and Research Institute, Ponneri, a constituent college of the Tamil Nadu Dr. J Jayalalithaa Fisheries Universit,y organized an awareness camp for Vannamei shrimp farmers in the Elavoor region of Tiruvallur District. The awareness camp was held at the Vannamei shrimp farm of Mr. Chandran at Saalai Graamam, Elavoor taluk. A total of 25 members which includes Vannamei shrimp farm owners and farm workers attended the camp.

The awareness camp focused on the theme of “soil and water quality management in Vannamei shrimp culture”. Especially the farmers were given awareness about the mobile soil and water quality testing lab facility of the institute and were requested to make use of the facility which was initiated for the utmost benefit of farmers. Ms. Kanimozhi, Lab Assistant under the guidance of Mr. P. Velmurugan, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Aquatic Environment Management demonstrated on spot water and soil quality analysis. The participants on seeing the on-spot demo brought on respective farm’s soil and water for analysis. Mr. P. Velmurugan explained the nuances in soil and water quality management in Vannamei shrimp culture and clarified the doubts of the farmers in relation to it.

In the awareness camp, Ms. S. Agnes Daney Angela, Asst. Professor & Head, explained the importance of Water and Soil quality for Aquaculture and the optimum range of parameters to be maintained for successful fish culture. She also urged the farmers to make use of the technical guidance offered by the institute, especially the laboratory facilities for soil and water analysis. Dr. C. Lloyd Chrispin, Asst. Professor, DFEES briefed the research activities of the institute in relation to Vannamei shrimp culture and encouraged the farmers to enroll their offspring in the institute for higher education. The college brochures were distributed to all the participants. Arrangements for the event was made by the Dept. of Fisheries Extension, Economics and Statistics.

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