TNJFU ranked as No. 1 State Agricultural University in Tamil Nadu and 25th among the SAUs in India by the ICAR, New Delhi

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73 rd Independence Day Celebrated at Administrative Building, TamilNadu Dr.J. Jayalalithaa Fisheries University, Nagapattinam.

In the eve of 73 rd Independence Day celebration at Tamil Nadu Dr. J. Jayalalithaa
Fisheries University, Nagapattinam, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Dr. S. Felix hoisted the
national flag at TNJFU Administrative building, Vettar River View Campus,
Nagapattinam on 15th August 2019.  In this occasion, the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor
delivered his Independence Day speech, emphasised the gathering to focus on the
positive aspects of Independent India and informed the faculty and students to
sensitize themselves in the major achievements in our country such as Chandraayan II
with remarkable success, Indian Rupee accepted in 13 Major International airport and
Food Security of the Nation. TNJFU is working tirelessly in bringing up the professional
graduates, Paraprofessionals and technologist to the world from fisheries and
aquaculture domain. We among the state universities has surpassed the growth of
other age-old state universities of Tamil Nadu and ranked no.1 among SAU’s of the
state by ICAR. He also emphasised that the Dr.M.G.R Fisheries College and Research
Institute, Ponneri has been given accreditation for another five years upto 2024 by
ICAR, New Delhi and the College of Fisheries Engineering has got AICTE, New Delhi,
approval for two years from 2019 onwards.

We have crossed so many milestones this year and the special achievements. The
students’ enrolment in the major colleges of the University in 2019 increased from mere
100nos to 360 nos which is 260% higher than 2017!. Three new Professional Institutes
have been established Namely: Energy and Environmental Engineering (EEE), BBA in
Fisheries Enterprises Management and Fisheries Nautical Technology in self finance
mode in TNJFU.
Three new Paraprofessional institutes have also been established and 100 nos. of the
students are admitted from 2019 onwards. We are the premier state agriculture
university to start Paraprofessional institutes in the country where in the three B.Voc
degree courses viz. Fish Processing Technology, Industrial Aquaculture Technology and
Fishing Technology. Further, these courses are started for the first time in this

University. In total, Our University set a trend of offering 10 professional and
paraprofessional degree programmes in the country.
With regard to the research activities, University has got an innovative Project on
Kayalagam: The Future Store for Amplification of Marketing of Diversified Fish Products
(NADP) so as to ensure the availability of different value added fish products, generate
entrepreneurs for the production of value added fish products and increase per capita
fish consumption, ‘Kayalagam’- a retail outlet with basic infrastructure for production,
storage, selling and quality testing of fish and fishery products with a budget of
Rs.250.00 lakh in Fisheries College and Research Institutes located at Ponneri,
Thiruvallur, Thoothukudi and in College of Fisheries Engineering Nagapattinam districts
under the financial assistance from National Agriculture Development Programme.
Apart from this, a project on Establishment of State Referral Laboratory for Fish Feed
Testing and Quality Certification to provide the quality analytical services for nutritional
labeling, shelf life calculation, quality certification for aqua feed and feed ingredients at
the Institute of Post Graduate Studies, OMR Campus, Vaniyanchavadi, Chennai with a
cost of Rs.250.00 lakh and another project on the establishment of Recirculatory
Seebass Aquaculture Technology Park for doubling the income for fish farmers with low
water budgeting with budget of 350.00 Lakhs at Tamil Nadu Dr. J. Jayalalithaa
Fisheries University Campus, Madhavaram under the financial assistance of National
Agriculture Development Programme.
It is happy to mention in this auspicious occasion that Our University organised a
mega International Event Asian Pacific Aquaculture (APA’19) for the visibility of
the University in the international and national level and in this programme 70 countries
with more than 4500 Participants were participated. Vice-Chancellor released the first
issue of the KVK E-Newsletter both in English and Tamil languages for the benefit of
farmers to enhance the fish production and other agricultural crops. He also added that
University’s responsibilities are mainly to produce job providers and not the job seekers
and hence this TNJFU is in the process of starting of more job oriented courses to help
the young generations to get employability.

In the beginning, students delivered talk on “ Independence and sacrifices of
freedom fighters of India.  Further, the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor distributed the awards
for best performers of the year 2019 in various categories such as teaching and non-
teaching . 
Dr.R.Rajendran, Dean, College of Fisheries Engineering, Nagapattinam, welcomed the
gathering and Er. C.Mercy Amrita, Assistant Professor, College of Fisheries Engineering
proposed vote of thanks.  More than 250 persons including University Officers,
Teaching faculty, non-teaching staff, teaching assistants, contractual staff and students
attended this programme.  The overall programme was co-ordinated by
Dr.A.Srinivasan, Registrar of TNJFU.