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Seafood Techno Park (SFTP) is a sales outlet/restaurant of Dr. M.G.R. Fisheries College and Research Institute, Ponneri. SFTP has been established under NADP funding support on 11.02.2016 with Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) registration (22417236000009).


  • To increase the consumption of fish and fishery products.
  • To create entrepreneurship and double the income of fishers.
  • To ensure availability of various fish-based reliable products for the consumers at nominal price.


SFTP has infrastructure like kitchen, dining facility and sales counter for fresh fish and fish products to support marketing of fishery products produced by fishers, woman SHG and entrepreneurs.

Dining Hall
Sales Center


Ready to Eat products like Fish pickle, Prawn pickle, Fish Kure, Prawn Kure, Fish curry in Retort pouch, Prawn curry in Retort pouch, Cooked shrimp in Retort pouch and Ready to Cook products like spiced dry fish and dried fish are being produced and sold commercially in the brand name of Pulicat Omega with FSSAI certification (22416236000016) by fisherwoman SHG at SFTP. Fish-based meal and snack foods are available during afternoon and evening, respectively in the SFTP.


A fisherwoman self-help group (SHG) (M/s. Blue Lagoon, Pulicat) is currently utilizing the SFTP facilities by signing MoU with the institute and regularly producing various kinds of value added fish products. Huge income (Rs. 7,35,510/-) has been generated by M/s. Blue Lagoon, in a period of 18 months by means of production and sale of various value added fish products. Several companies are also interested to sign MoU with the institute for production of value added fish products by utilizing above said SFTP facilities.


Sr. No. Name Designation E - Mail Telephone / Mobile
1 Dr. B. Ahilan Dean i/c deanfcriponneri@tnfu.ac.in 044-27971556
2 Dr. S. Balasundari Professor and Head Department of Fish Processing Technology balasundari@tnfu.ac.in 09443704190
3 Dr. N. Muralidharan Officer in Charge &Assistant Professor murali@tnfu.ac.in 09952231805