Aquatic Rainbow Mall

  • This facility would serve as a Single Window Shopping Centre / One Stop Shopping centre for all the ornamental fish stakeholders from Tamil Nadu, India and abroad.
  • Entertainment components incorporated in the Centre shall attract more public and related traders over here which would help to expand the business to many folds.
  • It would also serve as a knowledge hub for the stakeholders as they come across new fish species, and related accessories, etc to motivate them to do the trading innovatively to attract Indian and Global markets here.
  • This will provide employment to 200 persons through direct and indirect means in the Mall facilities.
  • The facility can also serve as the trade out let for the innovative Aquatic Rainbow Technology Park (ARTP) already developed for 150 ornamental fish breeders and producers.


  • Establishing a state – of – art- infrastructure facility for cluster of traders involved in ornamental fish trading viz. aquatic plants, indigenous and exotic fishes, aquarium tanks and their accessories, feeds, drugs, filters, aerators, etc. by opening up a single window shopping scope for indigenous as well as the export traders
  • To serve as the trading hub for the Aquatic Rainbow Technology Park (AQRTP) developed at MVC, Chennai aspart of this initiative
  • Will give a kick start for the ornamental fish traders and producers who have been involved in the trade for few generations at Kulathoorand other parts of the state (Madurai, Trichy, Kanyakumai, Tuticorin, Thanjavur districts, etc) and being exploited by the middlemen, as these 60 shops to be developed through this project will be handed over to the 120 to 150 traders to run them on lease basis

News & Events

Vice Chancellor, TNJFU inaugurated facilities in Aquatic Rainbow Mall at TNJFU Madhavaram Campus

Prof. G. Sugumar, Vice Chancellor, TNJFU, Nagapattinam in the presence of Dr. A. Srinivasan, Registrar, TNJFU and Dr. B. Ahilan Dean of Dr. M.G.R. Fisheries College and Research Institute, Ponneri inaugurated ‘Aqua Clinic’ and ‘Administration Office’ of Aquatic Rainbow Mall [ARM] on 04.02.21. Aquatic Rainbow Mall, is a NADP funded project operated as a special purpose vehicle project of the University now houses 44 shops to promote ornamental fish trade in the State. The newly inaugurated ‘Aqua Clinic’ will have the expertise from State Referral Lab for Aquatic Animal Health Management [SRLAAHM] to look after the disease management in ornamental fishes as and when required by the beneficiaries and public. Dr. A. Uma, Head, SRLAAHM and Dr. Navaneethakrishnan, Assoc. Professor, DAQ were present during the inauguration of the new facilities at the Mall. Dr. K. Ravaneswaran, Officer-in-Charge, ARM coordinated the arrangements for the inauguration.


  • State - of – art Infrastructure facility has been developed for ornamental fish trading viz. aquatic plants, indigenous and exotic ornamental fishes, aquarium tanks and accessories, feeds, drugs, filters, aerators, etc.
  • Farmers (Incubatees) from ARTP will start trading through Aquatic Rainbow Mall (NAQRAM) at TNJFU Madhavaram Campus, Madhavaram, Chennai 600 051.
  • Shops will be handed over to traders soon for a kick start of ornamental fish trading through producers and traders from different parts of Tamil Nadu state and being exploited by middlemen of around 120-150 traders on lease basis.