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Journals - National

  • Suryakant Patil, Ahilan. B and Prince Jeyaseelan. M.J., 2012.Effect of β-Glucananase on the growth and survival of Penaeus monodon under different Salinity conditions. Tamil Nadu Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences. 8 (5): 259-265.
  • Ahilan. B.,Jegan. K and Felix. N., 2013. Influence of botanical additives on the growth and coloration of juvenile goldfish Carassius auratus.
    J.Aqua.Trop, 28 (1-4): 77-84
  • AnulekshmiChellapan, Rajagopalsamy.C. B. T and Indra Jasmine .G., 2013. Effect of Clove Oil and Benzocaine on the Respiratory Metabolism of Angel Fish Pterophyllum scalare. Indian Journal of Science and Technology, 6 (7): 4853 – 4861
  • Chiambaram. P., Jawahar. P., Srinivasan. A and Ahilan. B., 2013. Influence of water quality on the incidence of diseases in ornamental fishes in Tamilnadu. SKUAST. J. Res.15(1): 17-22
  • Judith Betsy.C and Stephen Sampath Kumar. J., 2013. Coastal aquaculture as an activity for the Socio-economic development of fisher folk in Tamil Nadu – An analysis. Journal of Fisheries Economics and Development, XIV (2): 35-38
  • Chidambaram. P., Athithan. S and Ahilan. B., 2014. Effect of selected herbal extracts on treatment of diseases in goldfish. Biochem. cell. Arch., 14(1) : 171-176.
  • Ramyalakshmi. P., Stephen Sampath Kumar. J and Prince Jeyaseelan. M. J., 2014. Role of HUFA enriched artemia on moulting, moulting frequency and weight gain percentage on Macrobrachiumrosenbergii (De Man). Ind.J.Vet. Anim. Sci.Res, 43(6): 458-464.
  • Thenmozhi.N and Ahilan. B., 2014. Influence of health promoting additives on the growth, gonad development and disease resistance of gold fish. J.Aqua.Trop, 29(3-4): 145-154.
  • Ahilan. B and Nithiyapriyatharshini.A., 2015. Influence of herbal additives on the growth, survival and disease resistance of gold fish. J.Aqua.Trop, 30(1-2):17-26.
  • Jaculine Pereira. J., Ahilan. B.,Karlmarx. K., Jeyashakila. Rand Rajagopalasamy. C. B. T., 2015. DNA barcode of Indian spiny loach of Tamilnadu.
    J.Aqua.Trop, 29(3-4): 61-69.
  • Judith Betsy.Cand Stephen Sampath Kumar. J., 2015. Influence of egg yolk on the quality of cryopreserved spermatozoa of Common carp, Cyprinuscarpio. Journal of Applied Aquaculture, 27: 40-49.
  • Judith Betsy.C and Stephen Sampath Kumar. J., 2015. Role of glucose in enhancing life and potency of Cirrhinusmrigala spermatozoa during cryopreservation. Journal of Applied and Natural Science, 7(1): 159-164.
  • Judith Betsy.C and Stephen Sampath Kumar. J., 2015. Enhancing the life and potency of Cyprinus carpiospermatozoa during cryopreservation by Glucose Supplementation. J.Aqua.Trop, 30(1-2): 71-79.
  • Mohamed Faizulla, Rajagopalsamy. C.B.T., Ahilan. B and Francis. T., 2015. Impact of Biofloc technology on the growth of goldfish young ones. Indian Journal of science and Technology. Industrial Pollution, 8(13): 1-8.
  • Sonia. V., Rajagopalsamy. C.B.T., Ahilan. B and Francis. T., 2015. Microbial bioremediation: A potential tool for sustainable aquaculture. Jr. of Industrial Pollution 31(1): 105-113.

Journals - International

  • Effect of in-situ and ex-situ biofloc on immune response of Genetically Improved Farmed Tilapia - Click here to Download