"Harnessing the Science of Fisheries for Food, Nutrition and Livelihood"

Student Research

Besides, regular production and experiential learning, students' research is the major aspect in the Centres. Separate allotment of Post-Graduate students for the Centres from the lot of students admitted for Aquaculture has been permitted by the Academic Council of the University, by which every year around 5 PG students and 2 PhD students are working for their disseftation in the Centres from 2018-19 academic year. The details of students who have done their thesis and presently doing their dissertation works are given below:

Students Research Done and Underway in the Centres

Sl.No Name of the Student and Year M.F.Sc / Ph.D Title of the Work Done Thesis Submitted on Centre
1 S.SEBAS PANDIAN (2016-t7) M.F.Sc Evaluation of three different feed items for their role in enhancing maturation in Penaeus semisulcatus and P. indicus 04.04.2019 Degree awarded KKGCeSA
2 S.BHARATHI (2017-18) M.F.Sc Optimization of protein energy requirements for Ch an osch an o{Fo rss ka l, 1 775 ) Fingerlings using plant protein (Soy bean meal and DDGS and developing cost effective feed 15.07.2019 Degree awarded MCeSA
3 ALISH DEBBARMA (2017-18) M.F.Sc Evaluation of stocking parameters influencing the growth of Genetically Improved Farm Tilapia (GIFT) under intensive cage farming 17.07.2019 Degree awarded TCeSA
4 S.SATHISH (2017-18) M.F.Sc Investigation on the interactive factors causing disease incidences in the hybrid tilapia and GIFT farming in the selected district of Tamil Nadu 17.07.2019 Degree awarded KBCeSA
5 M. SUBASH CHANDRABOSS (2017-18) M.F.SC Effect of different feed combination on the maturation and spawning of marine ornamental fish Amphiprion sebae 26.07.2019 Degree awarded MCeSA
6 P.KARTHICK RAJA (2017-18) M.F.Sc Effect of Silkworm pupae (Bombrx mori) on the growth and maturation of Rainbow shar( Epalzeorhynchos frenatum (Fowler,1934) under captive rearing 28.09.2019 Degree awarded EBCeSA
7 BORAKHATARIY A NIRAV PRABATBHAI (2017-18) M.F.Sc Role of feeding and water quality on moulting and maturation of P. semisulcatus under captivity. 19.12.2019 Viva Fixed KKGCeSA
8 HARSHITA SAHU (2018- 201e) M.F.Sc Effect of stocking parameters on growth survival and production of Pangassius hypophthalmus in intensive cage culture system Ongoing TCeSA
9 SINDHU (2018-20i9) M.F.Sc Investigaton on the relative performance of Penaeus vannamei larvae fed with prebiotic enriched diet in indoor rearing systems Ongoing KKGCeSA
10 HARSHAVARTH ANMA (2018-2019) M.F.Sc Role of dietary lipids on the groMh and maturation of fanry koi Cyprinus carpiovar. Koi Ongoing EBCeSA
11 PAWAN KUMAR SHARMA (2017-2018) Ph.D Developing a sustainable production model for farm pond aquaculture in selected delta districts of Tamil Nadu Ongoing TCeSA
12 CHAVADI HARINI (2017-2018) Ph.D Studies on the maturation and spermatology of Penaeus semisulcatus brooders developed in captivity and cryopreservation of spermatophore Ongoing KKGCeSA
13 PANKAJ GARGOTRA (2018-2019) Ph.D Role of selected vitamins and minerals on the maturation and induced spawning of Lepidocephalichthys thermalis (Valenciennes, 1846) Ongoing KKPCeSA
14 PADALA DHARMAKAR (2018-2019) Ph.D Assessment of solid state fermented meals of cotton seed, sunflower seed and dried brewery waste on the growth and survival of rohu (Labeo rohita) in nursery phase Ongoing EBCeSA
15 BHOSLE RAMESWAR VENKATRO (2018-2021) Ph.D Evaluation of hormone bio- enriched live feeds in the all- male production of Hybrid tilapia (Red strain) Ongoing KBCeSA

In addition to the students' research the Centres also support faculties research in aquaculture. Proposals have been submitted by the staff members of the DSA for exLernal funding suppot. The following University level research projects are underway in the Centres:

  1. Investigation on the nutritional requirements of Spiny Loach, Lepidocephalus thermalis (at Thanjavur & Parakkai)
  2. Investigation on the production parameters in different farming systems for Pearl Spot, Etropl us suratensis (at Bhavanisagar)