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Kayalagam at Thanjavur Centre


“Kayalagam” was established at Thanjavur Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture, Soorakottai with the funding support from Tamil Nadu Government under the National Agricultural Development Project (NADP) scheme entitled Creating a Platform “Kayalagam” –The Future Store for Amplification of Marketing of Diversified Fish Products in Tamil Nadu.

“Kayalagam” was inaugurated by Prof. G. Sugumar, Honorable Vice Chancellor, Tamil Nadu Dr. J. Jayalalithaa Fisheries University, Nagapattinam on 24.02.2021. During inauguration, Dr. B. Ahilan, Dean, Dr MGR FC&RI, Ponneri, Dr. Stephen Sampathkumar, Director, Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture and Mrs. Nimish Mol Stephen, Assistant Professor and Principal Investigator, Dr MGR FC&RI, Ponneri were also present. Dr. P. Karthickumar, Assistant Professor and Co Principal Investigator, College of Fisheries Engineering, Nagapattinam introduced the Mahathma Gandhi SHG, Thanjavur to university officials and explained the SHG future plans. Value added fish products viz., fish/shrimp puffs, fish/shrimp samosa, fish/shrimp cutlet, fish/shrimp cake, fish/shrimp cookie and storable products (RTE fish briyani, RTE fish curry, RTE Prawn curry, Fish pickle, Prawn pickle, Solar dried fish, fish chutney powder, fish pasta, fish noodles, etc.) of Poombuhar omega and Pulicat omega brands were displayed and introduced to the public for popularization.