"Harnessing the Science of Fisheries for Food, Nutrition and Livelihood"

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Abstract (2012-2022)

External Funded Projects 16
Govt. of Tamil Nadu Projects 12
CNADP/RKVY Projects 23
NFDB funded projects 8
University Funded projects (URP & JTRF) 45
Total 104

List of completed external funded R&D projects -16 Nos

S.no Project Titles Budget (In Rs Lakhs) Period
1 DBT Project on ‘Molecular characterization of pathogens associated with fish diseases in Assam‘ 23.48 2013 -2014
2 DST- SERB Project on ‘Bioactive peptides from fish protein hydrolysates produced using endogenous proteinases from fish processing wastes’ 39.97 2013-2016
3 SERB - MoFPI Project on ‘Development of database for Indian seafood safety and traceability based on AFLP markers’ 31.45 2013-2015
4 NCSCM MOEF Project on ‘Impact of large scale cultivation of seaweed culture in coastal environment of India’ 27.12 2013-2015
5 ICAR Project on ‘Niche Area of Excellence in Fish Safety and Quality Assurance’ 305.60 2014-2017
6 ICSSR Project on ‘Conversion of low value fish marketing to high value fish marketing among the marginalized fisherwomen in the coastal districts of Tamil Nadu’ 8.00 2014-2016
7. GoMBRT Project on ‘Impact on anthropogenic activities and seasonal variation in plankton biomass in Gulf of Mannar Biosphere in Thoothukudi District’ 10.505 2014-2017
8. ICAR Project on ‘Value chain analysis of farmed shrimp industry in Tamil Nadu’ 12.00 2016
9. >DBT-BBSRC Project on ‘Novel molecular approaches for advancing prediction and mitigation of disease outbreaks in aquaculture for small-scale farmers’ 109.912 2016-2019
10. DBT Project on ‘Healthy shrimp and GIFT tilapia production through Bio-Floc based farming system: Development of technology an Standard Operating Procedure’ 57.93 2016-2019
11. DBT Project on ‘Bio-prospecting for anti-osteoporotic collagen peptides derived from fish bones’ 36.07 2017-2020
12. ICAR Project on ‘Development demonstration and dissemination of solar energy operated aerators in shrimp farms’ 21.25 2018-2020
13. DBT Project on ‘Adoption of foldscope as a tool to study the diversity of fish parasites and microalgae in different aquaculture systems’ 6.00 2018-2019
14. FSSAI Project on ‘Monitoring of heavy metals in fish and shellfish species along the Indian coast and possible mitigation measures ‘ 9.50 2018-2020
15. DBT Project on ‘Evolving artificial fish bait for long line fishingusing biopolymers and bio-attractants derivedfromMarine FishProcessingwastes’ 44.56 2019 -2021
16. DST – SERB Project on “ Re-emergence of Vibrio vulnificusrisk in seafood safety in response to climatic changes 29.26 2019 22

Govt. of Tamil Nadu supported projects -12 Nos.

S.no Project Titles Budget (In Rs Lakhs) Period
1. IAMWARM Project on ‘Development of environmental guidelines and operational protocol for sustainable development of cage culture in the reservoirs of Tamil Nadu’ 12.00 2014-2015
2. IAMWARM Project on ‘Development of low cost feeds for fish production demonstration in farm ponds and cages in Tamil Nadu’ 5.70 2014 -2015
3. Part –II Scheme on ‘Biosecured Microbial Floc driven farming for domesticating eco-friendly and viable culture practices for Vannamei and Milk fish’ 44.39 2014-2016
4. Part –II Scheme on ‘Popularization of cost effective fish compost in Thoothukudi District of Tamil Nadu ‘ 11.10 2015
5. Part –II Scheme on ‘Design upgradation of line fishing gears for species specific fishing along South- East Coast of Tamil Nadu’ 17.10 2015
6. TANII Project on ‘Establishment of Aquatic Rainbow Technology Park at Madhavaram for developing ‘Rural Aquaculture Entrepreneurship’ 1030.00 2015 - 2018
7. NAFCC Project on ‘Assessment of Fishing pattern and Fishing pressure is Gulf of Mannar Coast’ 21.00 2017-2018
8. NAFCC Project on ‘Socio-economic vulnerability of fishermen and other coastal communities in Thoothukudi District of Tamil Nadu’ 5.00 2017-2018
9. TANII Project on ‘E - fish health surveillance and monitoring network to improve fisheries production in Tamil Nadu’ 590.40 2017 -2020
10. TANII Project on ‘Development and demonstration of innovative fisheries engineering inventions for the product maximization in fisheries industries’ 75.20 2017-2020
11. SBGF Project on ‘ Livelihood Improvement through Technology Backyard genetically improved farmed Tilapia carp farming’ 18.00 2018 -2021
12. SPC Project on ‘Livelihood Improvement through Technology Backyard Genetically Improved Farmed Tilapia Carp Farming’ 30.00 2017-2021

List of completed NADP/RKVY projects -23 Nos

S.no Project Titles Budget (In Rs Lakhs) Period
1. NADP Project on ‘Establishment of Regional Fisheries Research and Extension Cenrain 121.04 2014-2016
2. NADP Project on ‘Establishment of Marine Finfish Hatchery System at Mandapam’ 184.50 2015-2017
3. NADP Project on ‘Establishment of Shrimp Brood Bank at Kanyakumari’ 198.91 2015-2017
4. NADP Project on ‘Establishment of Multiplier stations for the Breeding and Dissemination of JayantiRohu Seeds to Farmers’ 100.00 2016-2017
5. NADP Project on ‘Strengthening of Regional Stations of Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture (CeSA)’ 274.54 2016 -2018
6. NADP Project on ‘Farmed Pearl Sport (Etroplussuratensis) Production as an Alternative Livelihood to Promote Brackish Water Aquaculture Entrepreneurship for Fishers of Pulicat Lake’ 260.88 2016- 2018
7. NADP Project on ‘Development of cost efficient feeds for enhancing freshwater fish production’ 398.00 2016-2019
8. NADP Project on ‘Establishment of Fish and Shellfish Health Certification and Disease Surveillance Laboratories in Tamil Nadu for enhancement of Aquaculture’ 491.075 2016 -2018
9. NADP Project on ‘Demonstration and Training from the farmers capacity building at regional CeSA in TNFU’ 100.534 2017- 2019
10. NADP Project on ‘Establishment of fisheries technopark cum fish processing technology business incubation centre’ 114.65 2017- 2019
11. NADP Project on ‘Developing the National Aquatic Rainbow Mall (NAQRAM) to promote Incredible Indian Ornamental Fish Trade through One Stop Shopping at Madhavaram, Tamil Nadu’ 250.00 2017- 2020
12. NADP Project on ‘Establishment of Fisheries Training Institute, Mandapam, Ramanathapuram’ 450.00 2017- 2021
13. NADP Project on ‘Establishment of RecirculatorySeabass Aquaculture Technology Park, for Doubling the income with Low water Budgeting’ 350.00 2018 -2021
14. NADP Project on ‘Kayalagam the Future Store for Amplification of Marketing of Diversified Fish products in Tamil Nadu’ 250.00 2018-2021
15. NADP Project on ‘Establishment of State Referral Laboratory for Fish feed Testing and Quality Certification at IPGS, TNJFU, OMR Campus, Vaniyanchavadi, Chennai’ 250.00 2018 -2021
16. NADP Project on ‘Establishment of Loach (AyiraiMeen) breeding Centre at Parakkai, Kanyakumari District 175.00 2020 -2022
17. NADP Project on ‘Hands on Training cum Demonstration on “Limited Water Usage Aquaculture’ 187.40 2021-2022
18. NADP Project on ‘TNJFU’S Business incubators for Aquaculture and Fish Processing Technology to promote Start-Ups Integrated Fisheries Entrepreneurship in Tamil Nadu State’ 300.00 2020 -2022
19. NADP Project on ‘Integrated Multi-tropic Aquaculture (IMTA) based Culture Technology to Augment Fish Production as an Alternative Livelihood for the Fisherfolk of Tharuvaikulam, Tamil Nadu’. 299.600 2019-2022
20. NADP Project on ‘Development and Transfer of Seaweed Farming Technology as an Alternative Employment Option for the Coastal Fisher Folk in Mandapam Region of Tamil Nadu’ 251.100 2019-2021
21. NADP Project on ‘Establishment of Aqua Agriculture Integrated Systems for inland farmers in Erode District’ 138.50 2019-20
22. NADP Project on ‘Establishment of Aquaculture Service Centre in Cauvery Delta Region’ 130.00 2019-20
23. NADP Project on ‘Establishment of Aquaculture Service Centre 130.00 2019 -20

List of completed NFDB projects – 8 Nos

S.no Project Titles Budget (In Rs Lakhs) Period
1. NFDB Project on ‘Establishment of State Referral Laboratory for Fish disease Diagnosis and Aquatic Animal Health’ 55.11 2014- 2015
2. NFDB Project on ‘Establishment of Aquatic Animal Health and Environment Management Laboratory’ 56.00 2017
3. NFDB Project on ‘Up-scaling of biofloc production technology for developing eco feed for vannamei shrimp culture’ 50.00 2018 - 2020
4. NFDB Project on ‘Establishment of Demonstration Units on Recirculatory Aquaculture systems for doubling the Vannamei shrimp culture’ 24.08 2018- 2020
5. NFDB Project on ‘Establishment of Technology demonstration unit of Azolla as Feed supplement of GIFT Tilapia at Advanced Research Farm Facility, Madhavaram, TNJFU campus, Tamil Nadu’ 3.01 2018- 2020
6. NFDB Project on ‘Establishment of Aquaponics Unit for Training and Demonstration to fish farmers at KVK, Sikkal, Nagapattinam’ 10.66 2018-2020
7. NFDB project on “Upscaling of Biofloc production technology for developing eco-feed for Vannamei Shrimp Culture 50.00 2018-2020
8. NFDB project on “Open Sea Cage Culture of Mairne finfishes along the coast of Ramanathapuram District of Tamil Nadu” 267.6 2018-2022

List of Completed University Funded Projects - 45 Nos


S.no Title of the project Period Location
1. Seasonal variation in lipid and fatty acid profile of sardine (Sardinella gibbosa) and emperor fish (Lethrinus lentjan) from Thoothukudi coast 2014-2015 FC&RI, Thoothukudi
2. Studies on biology of Mullet fish varieties from Pulicat lake, north part of Chennai 2015-2016 FC&RI, Thoothukudi
3. Quality evaluation of chitin and chitosan from various shellfish waste and their resource potential in Tamil Nadu 2015-2016 FC&RI, Thoothukudi
4. Designing and fabrication of cages for mud crab fattening/farming along the Pulicat lake 2015-2016 Dr. MGR FC&RI , Ponneri
5. Induced breeding and artificial propagation of Pangas, Pangasianodan hypothalamus (Sayvage, 1878) 2015-2016 Dr. MGR FC&RI , Ponneri
6. The effect of ionic concentration of low saline waters on growth characteristics of Litopennaeus vannamei 2015-2016 Dr. MGR FC&RI , Ponneri
7. Development of seaweed based nutritional food products 2015-2016 Dr. MGR FC&RI , Ponneri
8. Dissemination of GIFT tilapia farming technology in PonneriTaluk of Thriuvallur District 2015-2016 Dr. MGR FC&RI , Ponneri
9 Development of an e-interface indicator gadget against for domestic level freshwater aquarium 2017-2018 CoFE, Nagapattinam
10. Design and Development of a low cost solar Tunnel Fish dry dryer 2017-2018 CoFE, Nagapattinam
11. Development of bio-piezoelectric material form prawn shell 2017-2018 CoFE, Nagapattinam
12. Validation of different mathematical drying models for the dry fish production 2017-2018 CoFE, Nagapattinam
13. Design and integrated acclimation tank unit of shrimp culture system 2017-2018 CoFE, Nagapattinam
14. Risk Assessment of squid landed in Colachel region of Kanniyakumari district for heavy metal contamination 2018-2019 FC&RI, Thoothukudi
15. Development of fish freshness gadget using fuzzy logic based technology in Indian Mackeral (Rastrelliger kangurtha) landed in Nagapattinam Coast 2018-2019 CoFE, Nagapattinam
16. Investigation on the nutritional requirements for the growth of Spiny Loach “Lepidocephalus thermals” in captivity 2019 - 2020 ThanjavurCeSA
17. Monitoring the presence of nitrofuran metabolites in farmed shrimp and farm implements in Southern Peninsular India 2019 - 2020 FC&RI, Thoothukudi
18. Impact assessment of the welfare schemes on socioeconomic upliftment of marine fishers of Thoothukudi district, Tamil Nadu 2019 - 2020 FC&RI, Thoothukudi
19. Extraction of natural pigments from Marine sources for the formulation of nutritional food and cosmetic products 2019 -2020 Dr. MGR FC&RI , Ponneri
20. Plankton Diversity in Pulicat Lake of Tamil Nadu region 2019 -2020 Dr. MGR FC&RI , Ponneri
21. Characteristics of Shrimp farm organic rich waters and its influence on the Pulicat ecosystem of Palaverkaadu region” 2019 -2020 Dr. MGR FC&RI , Ponneri
22. Seasonal variation in fatty acid profiles of cultured and wild loach (Lepidocephalus thermalis) 2020 -2021 Vaniyanchavadi, Chennai
23. Comparative skeletal osteology of anchovies (Genus: Stolephorus) off Thoothukudi coast 2020 -2021 FC&RI, Thoothukudi
24. Investigation of CO2 emission by motorized fishing vehicles of Thoothukudi coast 2020 -2021 FC&RI, Thoothukudi
25. Demonstration farming of vannamei in lined ponds at MRFF, Tharuvaikulam 2020 -2021 FC&RI, Thoothukudi
26. Development and evaluation of combined gill net with long line for pelagic fishery for traditional fishermen in Pulicat Region of Coromandel coast 2020 -2021 Dr. MGR FC&RI , Ponneri
27. Screening of phosphorus solubilizing bacteria in mangroves of Ennore creek 2020 -2021 Dr. MGR FC&RI , Ponneri
28. Purification and isolation of local strain of Spirulina 2020 -2021 Dr. MGR FC&RI , Ponneri
29. Development of halophyte incorporated fish products using SalicorniabrachiataRoxb 2020 -2021 FC&RI, Thoothukudi
30. Impact assessment of welfare schemes on socioeconomic upliftment of marine fishers of Thoothukudi district, Tamil Nadu 2020 -2021 FC&RI, Thoothukudi
31. Formulation of Ulva based jam products 2020 -2021 Dr. MGR FC&RI, Thalainayeru
32. Stock Assessment of Siganids in Pazhverkadu coast of Tiruvallur District 2021-2022 Dr. MGR FC&RI , Ponneri
33. Breeding and Seed Production of Striped Murrel (Channastriatus) in FRP Tank System 2021-2022 FC&RI, Thoothukudi
34. Investigation on the catching efficiency of monofilament and multifilament gillnets being operated in selected fishing villages of Nagapattinam District 2021-2022 Dr. MGR FC&RI, Thalainayeru
35. Analysing carbon emission level of selected motorized fishing vessels operated from identified fishing villages of Pulicat coast 2021-2022 Dr. MGR FC&RI , Ponneri
36. Isolation and characterization of antimicrobial resistant gut microflora associated with farmed shrimps in Nagapattinam region 2021-2022 Dr. MGR FC&RI, Thalainayeru
37. Study on the effect of hook size and baits on the catching efficiency of longline operated along Thoothukudi coast 2021-2022 FC&RI, Thoothukudi
38. Efficacy of Salicornia plant extract as antimicrobial agent for application in fish preservation 2021-2022 FC&RI, Thoothukudi
39. Studies on the low temperature preservation of microalgae (Navicula sp.) isolated from shrimp farms 2021-2022 Dr. MGR FC&RI, Thalainayeru
40. Study on the impact of shrimp farms and anthropogenic activities on the water quality of the selected locations along Vedaranyam Canal 2021-2022 Dr. MGR FC&RI, Thalainayeru
41. Water hyacinth protein concentrate as cost effective feed ingredient in the diet of genetically improved farmed tilapia 2021-2022 Dr. MGR FC&RI, Thalainayeru


S.no Title of the project Period Location
42. Studies on the nutritional factors influencing gamete quality and artificial fertilization in Koi carp 2018-2020 FC&RI, Thoothukudi
43. Development of halochromic sensor based on bio-nanocomposite for monitoring spoilage of packed fish 2018-2020 CoFE. Nagapattinam
44. Design and implementation of IOT based Real Time Hatchery Monitoring System 2018-2020 CoFE. Nagapattinam
45. Development and standardization of health drink from bio-modulated chitosan 2019-2021 Dr. MGR FC&RI, Thalainayeri

Ongoing Research Projects (Updated up to Nov. 2022)


DST – SERB (Start Up) 1
State Fund 4
PMMSY funding 1
University Funded Projects 10
Total 34

S.no Title of the Scheme & Location Budget (In Rs Lakhs) Period
1. Production of Eicosapentaenoic acid from Marine diatom Phaeodactylumtricornutumisolated from the coastal waters of Gulf of Mannar (FC&RI, Thoothukudi) 35.58 2019 – 2022
DST – SERB Start up
2. Investigation on molecular cross talk of inflammatory hub NFKB and NICD using Zebra Fish model (IFPGS, Vaniyanchavadi, Chennai) 31.10 2022 – 2024
3. EDII project on Establishment of Marine Products Business Incubation Centre (FC&RI, Thoothukudi) 250.00 2019-2022, Extended up to 2024
4. Deciphering genomic insights associated with adaption in Etroplus suratensis, (Pearl Spot) for Climate Resilient Aquaculture (IFPGS, Vaniyanchavadi, Chennai) 33.50 2022-2024
5. Climatic Changes and their role in the emergence of antibiotic resistant Salmonella in farmed shrimp and its environment (FC&RI, Thoothukudi) 34.75 2022 – 2024
6. Nutrigenomics studies on feed development for larvae of striped murrel (Channastriatus) (DIVA, Muttukadu) 54.00 2021-2024

Tamil Nadu Irrigated Agriculture Modernization Project (TN IAMP) (DSA)

1. Development of optimum sustainable production model for irrigation tanks and farm ponds in Tamil Nadu

2. Development and management of pure line inland fish brooders in the brooder farm and production of good quality seeds

3. Formulation of species specific fish feed using locally available low cost ingredients

4. Capacity building and training of trainers, fishers, fish farmers and entrepreneurs in the adoption of advanced farming techniques

5. Aquaponics and Raceway model development and dissemination

6. Development of new strain for inland fish farm

250.00 2017 -2023
8. Artificial Coral Reef/Live Rock (ACR/LR) and Fish Aggregating Artificial Reef (FAAR) to enhance the fish diversity and biomass in the sea near the Pulicat Lake towards fishing pressure reduction and livelihood improvement of fisherfolk in the Lake region (DR. MGR FC&RI, Ponneri) 430.66 2019-2022
9. Assessment of spawning seasonality of major marine fishery groups along the coast of Tamil Nadu for sustainable fishery management (FC&RI, Thoothukudi) 146.80 2022-2024
10. National Surveillance Programme for Aquatic Animal Diseases (FC&RI, Thoothukudi) 52.20 2022-2025
11. Integrated Fish Farm Model complex at Fisheries College and Research Institute, Thoothukudi for capacity building for inland fish culturist to augment fish production (FC&RI, Thoothukudi) 276.50 2021 -2023
12. Establishment of “Aquaponics Technology Park” for the production of multiple vegetable crops by Recirculating Fish Culture water in the water limited area of Barur, Krishnagiri District (KBCeSA) 198.00 2021-2022
13. Development of cost-efficient feeds and farming practices of Asian Seabass for fish farmers of Tamil Nadu at Directorate of Incubation and Vocational Training in Aquaculture, TNJFU, Muttukadu (DIVA, Muttukadu) 80.00 2021-2022
14. Integrated Disease Surveillance monitoring system and Seed quality assessment to Augment Aquaculture Production in Tamil Nadu at TNJFU Campus, Madhavaram (Dr MGR FCRI, Ponneri) 101.80 2021-2023
15. Training Facility on Safety at sea for fishermen at Directorate of Incubation and Vocational Training in Fisheries, TNJFU, Mandapam (DIVF, Mandapam) 120.00 2021-2022
16. Establishment of “DIGITAL BLUE” -e-extension hub in Aquaculture and Fisheries Sector (Dr MGR FCRI, Ponneri) 106.00 2021-2022
16. Establishment of Freshwater Ornamental fish brood bank for sustainable ornamental aqua farming in Tiruchirappalli district (Trichy CeSA) 350.00 2018-2021, Extended up to 2023
State Govt. funded
17. Establishment of Fisheries Demonstration Complex in Advanced Institute for Integrated Research on Livestock and Animal Sciences (AIIRLIVAS) at Thalaivasal (Dr MGR FCRI, Ponneri) 267.00 2020-2023
19. Cost Effective Captive breeding technology for Channa striata (striped Murrel) for filed level adoption (Dr MGR FCRI, Ponneri) 15.184 2021-2023
20. Establishment of Deep sea Fishing Technology Training and Management centre at Thoothukudi (DIVF) 382.0 2019-2021 Extended up to 30.06.2023
21. Establishment of Loach (Ayirai Meen) Research Centre in Theni District for promoting Loach farming (Theni) 268.20 2022-2025
22. Development of Dry Land On integrated Biofloc Tank and Farm Pond Polyculture system for adoption in fallow land region for Salem District (Dr MGR FCRI, Ponneri) 11.185 2021-2023
23. Study on the assessment of fishery resources and its productivity to assess the ecosystem services in the critical ecosystems along the east coast of India (Dr MGR FCRI, Ponneri) 123.91 2022-2026
PMMSY funding
24. Empowerment of Artisanal Fisherfolk of Pazhaverkadu Area through mud crab culture Technology (Dr MGR FCRI, Ponneri) 116.00 2022-2024

List of University Funded Projects

S.no Title of the Scheme Period Location
1. A study of Ichthyofaunal diversity along the Chennai Coast of Bay of Bengal 2022-2023 Dr.MGR FC&RI, Ponneri
2. Seasonal Variation and Diversity assessment of macrobenthos in Pulicat Lagoon (Pazhaverkadu region) 2022-2023 Dr. MGR FC&RI, Ponneri
3. Assessing Seasonal Variations of plankton biomass and diversity in Thoothukudi coastal waters 2022-2023 FC&RI, Thoothukudi
4. Assessment of molluscan diversity and debris abudance in Point Calimere wetland 2021 -2022, (Extended up to March 2023) Dr. MGR FC&RI, Thalanaiyeru
5. Improvement of Catch efficiency of wire mesh traps for reef fishery of Threspuram fishing village of Thoothukudi district 2021-2023 FC&RI, Thoothukudi
6. Design and Development of nanogenerator from crustacean shell waste 2021-2023 CoFE, Nagapattinam
7. Design and Development of IOT based smart fish grading system 2021-2023 CoFE, Nagapattinam
8. Evaluation of three microalgae (Nanochloropsis oculata, Dunaliella salina and Tetraselmis gracilis) for their efficiency in the bio-enrichment of rotifers for use in hatcheries 2021-2023 MCeSA, Mandapam
9. Spatial Distribution of Beta lactam resistance genes among Vibrio spp isolated from shrimp farms of Vedaranyam 2021-2023 Dr. MGR, Thalainayeru
10. Digital Solutions for sea turtle conservation in South Tamil Nadu 2021-2023 FC&RI, Thoothukudi